Lonesome Blues

YouTube and Vimeo lend themselves to short singular work, which would be perfect for so much of my earlier real-time video segments. I intended to create singular clips for posting some of the many short works that went into my early compilations like Green River Blues, Lonesome Blues, and Video Haiku, see Untitled #20. Looking at this material though, I changed course and cut a compilation of work called Lonesome Blues, originally known as Suicide Blues.

Information Visualizer

I have been working with JavaScript and jQuery and decided to convert the mixplex info vis tool from AS3 to JavaScript as an exercise. This was a good excuse to dive into easlejs. I wanted to have an easlejs tick message call an update function in the class that the easlejs container is composed into. This would be like using an enterFrame event in AS3. I am using the combination constructor/prototype pattern to create my classes. Here is a snippet from the Cluster constructor: