A friend asked me to rewrite a piece of code he found and was working with to create a simple info visualizer for a site. The original code came from a book by Jamie MacDonald, and as it was in AS2 I found the text of limited use, though I borrowed the bones of the XML parsing function.


A couple of years ago I made this game to experiment with creating an iPhone game within the Flash IDE. This was directly after Apple determined that native compiles would indeed be allowed from Flash. I was initially disappointed with the performance, and I went in other directions, but AS3 is really a great platform and continues to draw me back. There I said it. I will eventually recompile this using windowmode direct which didn't exist at the time, and see how that improves performance. Here it is on a PC as a swf. Performance of course is of no issue here.

Sensacell Music Sequencer

This is not video but it is temporal, and it's interactive. I am using Sensacells that are on a very generous loan to me from Bob Stratton, who is one of the Sensacell team members. This piece was shown, October 14th and 15th, 2012 at the Garner Arts Center in Garnerville, NY.