RE experiments 1

RE experiments 1

These are my first experiments recorded in Jan 2008 on a Rutt/Etra scan processor.

The RE in my studio does not have fully working control modules (only one oscillator is present). In order to use it I had built an interface to enable direct patching between my audio synths (which are +-5 volts) and the RE (which is +-10 volts). My intent is to use a standard resolution camera to feed the RE images back into my system, which you can see in the first and last sequences. These recordings are a little soft possibly due to the fact that focus coil power supply I built (one was missing) needed a little bit more voltage than we originally calculated.

This is a nice Rutt, Steve's first prototype. With great help from Steve Rutt himself, and from Jeff Schier, I was able to replace the missing multipliers, and build a missing focus coil power supply. As with all the REs that were refurbished with Dan Summer and Benton Bainbridge, I changed all the electrolytic caps as well. Much thanks to Dan and Benton. Benton also helped me document the back plane and is responsible for getting Steve to scrape this RE out of storage.

RE interface

Steve Rutt and Rene Forbes for a studio visit. November 14, 2008