Insomnia was recorded at the Experimental Television Center in three sessions in March, August, and September of 1984. There was another session in May none of the work of which was used. This came on the heals of Bug Eyed Ramrod. The two pieces used similar methods and both employed the CAT fame buffer (this is prior to building the Jones frame buffer).

A frame buffer was at that time a large step forward. It was our first real dance with digital image processing. Though the CAT buffer (built in an S-100 bus computer) did have a hardware interface,  I don't recall that it had any second level control. There were several experiments with the S-100 and an I/O which used and array of A-Ds and D-As. In contrast, the Jones frame buffer had a great deal of second level control, and multiple frames. In this way it became another device that could be patched through a front panel and controlled by oscillators as well as by other control voltages, so though it was a digital device it functioned well within the analog process we employed at the ETC.

Insomnia at first went by a longer title and it originally had another final segment that I later cut out.

You can find a better quality digital video on the work page.

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